The Truth About The Truth
by: Tami Dickerson


What happens when a born and bred Jehovah's Witness discovers the truth about her religion and its leaders?

This book details my personal experience of being born and raised as a Jehovah's Witness and what it was like to live the lifestyle, abide by the doctrines, and the emotional hardships involved in awakening to, and leaving the sect. It also includes a series of appendices covering unique Jehovah's Witness doctrines. This book opens the obscure world of the Jehovah's Witnesses to the general public and reveals information that non-members wouldn't know.

I'm not belittling the average Jehovah's Witness who comes knocking on your door, for they are as misled by their leaders as I was. I'm simply exposing the leadership's reasoning and techniques that keep the membership in the dark. I decided to write this book so that potential converts can know exactly what they're getting themselves into, and for others to understand the Jehovah's Witness mindset when reaching out to them.

"The Truth About The Truth"
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Chapter 1: Introduction To My World
Chapter 2: Overview of the Jehovah's Witness Life
Chapter 3: Jehovah's Witness Conventions
Chapter 4: Jehovah's Witness Baptisms
Chapter 5: The Memorial
Chapter 6: Public Evangelism
Chapter 7: Recreational Activities
Chapter 8: Charitable Giving
Chapter 9: Denominational Unity
Chapter 10: Holidays and Birthdays
Chapter 11: Disciplining Procedures
Chapter 12: My Awakening
Chapter 13: My Exit
Chapter 14: A New Beginning
Chapter 15: Continuing Forward
Chapter 16: Life in Christ
Appendix 1: The 1975 Debacle
Appendix 2: The 1914 Doctrine
Appendix 3: Disfellowshipping In Scripture
Appendix 4: Falsification of Watchtower History
Appendix 5: False Prophecy
Appendix 6: Measuring Lines
Appendix 7: Watchtower Misquotes
Appendix 8: New Light
Appendix 9: Sacrifice vs. Mercy




Jehovah's Witnesses claim to be a Christian based denomination which is well known worldwide for their door-to-door evangelism. They believe that Jehovah is the only true God, Jesus Christ is God's Son as well as the archangel Michael, and that the Holy Spirit is nothing more than the power of God. Boasting more than 7 million members around the globe (in 2009), they profess a high standard of morality, a strict sense of unity, and claim to be the only ones preaching real biblical truth to the masses.

Who are these people?

This book answers that question in detail from the perspective of a former member of the Jehovah's Witnesses who was born and raised into the denomination. This book provides a first-person point of view on what it was like to live the lifestyle, abide by the doctrines, and the emotional hardships involved in awakening to, and leaving, the sect.

This book was written for those who are studying with Jehovah's Witnesses, leaving the Jehovah's Witnesses, relatives to a Jehovah's Witness, or who simply know a Jehovah's Witness.

*Since this book is based upon the Jehovah's Witness culture, all Scripture quotes in this book are from the New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures, unless otherwise noted




This book details my personal experience as a second-generation Jehovah's Witness. Although my parents did not become Jehovah's Witnesses until after they married, it was the only life that I ever knew growing up, as they had been Witnesses for several years by the time I came along. As with any child who is born and raised into a denomination, I didn't question the adults who taught me because I believed that the adults knew what they were talking about. By the time I had grown enough to do my own thinking the doctrine had become so ingrained that I took it for granted and accepted it as truth.

Being that I wasn't familiar with anything else, I didn't think it was strange to shun the holidays, ignore birthdays, and refrain from school sports programs. I thought nothing unusual about spending a week every summer at large Jehovah's Witness conventions, or spending my Saturday mornings trying to win converts from house to house. I was taught that the Bible version we used was superior to any other Bible version, and so I tested all ideals and doctrines against my Bible version's passages. Although I wasn't a perfect member of the faith (and who was?), I was very devout and believed everything they taught me whether I understood it or not. I was “In the Truth” and had no inclination to change my mind on the matter.

And then came the year 2004.

It was early January, and I was 35 years old; God began to show me things that, for lack of a better phrase, totally blew my mind! He ripped the blinders off my eyes, causing me to see my religion for what it really was – it was intriguing yet frightening! From that point forward, my life was permanently changed as I started seeking real truth, and real Christianity through Christ instead of through an organization. By the end of November that same year, at the age of 36, I cut my ties with the denomination permanently.

Since the Jehovah's Witnesses continually seek to add converts to their numbers, I decided I should write this book so potential converts can know exactly what they're getting themselves into. However, I must state that in light of their constant spiritual “progression”, some things have changed since I left, therefore a new convert's experience may be somewhat different than mine. For example, they have made some changes in the printing of their Watchtower and Awake magazines, in the congregational leadership, and in their meeting schedules, among other things. In spite of these changes, though, the facts regarding Watchtower history, its doctrine, and its flawed practices remain the same.

I'm not trying to preach to anyone, and I'm not trying to be disparaging to the Jehovah's Witnesses. My purpose is to provide a candid look into the life of a Jehovah's Witness and their belief system, and let you, the reader, judge the matter for yourself.

Yours in Christ,
Tami Dickerson

* Most names throughout this book have been changed to ensure individuals' privacy.



This book reveals intimate details of the Jehovah's Witness life and culture that isn't known to the general public. Click here for more book previews and reviews.

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